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Honors College Summer School 2021

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This year, for the first time, Honors College Summer Schools will be held as an additional offering for honors students. The Summer Schools will feature the latest, interdisciplinary research topics on which students will work together in interdisciplinary groups to complete small projects . In addition to learning about exciting state-of-the-art research topics of the involved institutes and profile areas, you will have the opportunity to network with excellent students from other disciplines and learn new perspectives on research questions.

The following Summer Schools will be held this year:

Detailed information about the Summer Schools can be found on the respective page. It has not yet been decided whether the event will be held digitally or in person.

Interested students can apply on the application form. Possible requirements may exist, depending on the topic, and can be found on the pages of the Summer Schools. Participation is free of charge. As part of the Honors College program, preference is given to applications from Dean's List students at RWTH and incoming students from partner universities.



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