Pathways to science - a path for me?


Topic description and motivation

A doctorate and a career in science can be a very attractive alternative to a career in industry. It makes sense to deal with this at an early stage. In this summer school we will deal with the following questions:

  • Is a career in science a good fit for me?
  • What should I consider?
  • Can a career in science be planned at all and what are the right steps?

With this summer school, we want to get young people excited about research. In three steps, we want to enable students to engage with the topic in a substantive way at an early stage.

Preliminary program

  • Introduction: Topic "Personality". What am I like, what makes me tick, what are my characteristics, passions, values? The basis for the summer school is an examination of one's own personality. This first part is accompanied by an outdoor activity.
  • Middle part: Topic "Research". How do I find a subject area that interests me, what is the research landscape like, what are the different forms of doctoral studies? In addition to specialist inputs, this block will be characterized by excursions and visits to institutes as well as role model talks with doctoral candidates. There will also be feedback rounds and reflection rounds to classify the information and experiences in one's own planning.
  • Conclusion: Topic "Research personality". How can my path to science succeed and how can I use networks? Topic "Research and social responsibility" (e.g. integration of sustainability strategy of RWTH), final discussion with professors and successful young scientists. Validation of results and planning of next steps.

The summer school will take place in a mixture of online and face-to-face events. Outdoor activities and alternative learning venues are also planned.


Period: 23.08.2021 - 27.08.2021, in each case full day

Participant profile
This summer school is aimed at young students (Bachelor to early Master) of all disciplines who have successfully completed the first stages of their studies (above average).

Maximum number of participants: 20

Further Information
Organizer: Career Center of RWTH Aachen University

Contact person: Anja Robert, M.A M.A

Language: German or English